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VOIP Solutions

VOIP phone system VOIP solutionDiscover the advantages of switching to a Panasonic VoIP phone system.

More and more businesses are switching to VoIP (Voice Over IP) to carry their telephony traffic and are realising substantial cost savings on calls combined with much greater flexibility and improved features. A key part of any VoIP solution is the PBX (phone system) – the part that actually accepts and routes calls, provides music on hold, option menus, voicemail, call queues etc.

Combined with Blueface – Irish SIP Provider for low call charges offers a complete telephony solution that is easy to install and manage with a very low total cost of ownership whilst being scalable and upgradeable as your future requirements dictate.

INS knows that successful businesses thrive by providing hands-on, personalized service to their clients. Being out-of-touch is simply not an option. Using a combination of advanced telephony products coupled with IP-enabled applications, Panasonic VOIP is able to provide customizable and scalable solutions that allow colleagues, clients and stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and create…even when they’re not face to face.

Solution Highlights

  • Panasonic is the Number 1 Global Provider of PBX systems (under 100 extensions)*.
  • Panasonic is the Global Leader in DECT wireless.
  • Offers state-of-the-art telephony systems, full suites of digital and analog phones, IP Conference Speaker Phones, in-building DECT wireless handsets, and IP network cameras.
  • Systems support a range of partner-provided applications for the hospitality and retail markets, as well as SIP trunking services for considerable cost savings.
  • Panasonic also provides networking capabilities for seamless integration of remote employees and locations by providing easy access to your central hub, and by allowing incoming calls to your desk phone to automatically ring on your cell phone.

Best’s on the market uses Panasonic VOIP solution – join them!